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Good prenatal care helps ensure you have a safe, healthy pregnancy and delivery. At Oak Hills Women’s Center, P.A. located in San Antonio, Texas, expert OB/GYNs provide complete and compassionate prenatal care. If you’re pregnant, think you might be pregnant, or are considering getting pregnant in the near future, call the office for an appointment or book one online.

Prenatal Care Q & A

What is prenatal care?

Prenatal care provides health services and preventive support for pregnant women and their growing babies. At Oak Hills Women’s Center, P.A., the doctors welcome low- and high-risk patients and manage your care according to your needs.

Prenatal care involves tests, monitoring, and evaluation that can identify and address medical problems that could result in complications during pregnancy and delivery. If complications do occur, the team has access to specialists to provide additional assistance.

Women who do not get proper prenatal care are more likely to have a low birth weight baby and have a greater risk of death during pregnancy and delivery.

How often should I schedule prenatal visits?

The doctors at Oak Hills Women’s Center, P.A. customize an appointment schedule according to your stage of pregnancy, overall health, and the health and development of your baby. Typically, however, prenatal visits are scheduled:

  • Approximately one time per month for weeks 4-28
  • Twice a month during weeks 28-36
  • Weekly for the last weeks of your pregnancy and until you give birth

Women who are older than 35 or who have a high-risk pregnancy may benefit from more frequent visits.

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

You may be considered high-risk if you’re older than 35 or have other complications that could affect you or your baby. Women who have a health condition prior to getting pregnant — such as diabetes or lupus — are usually considered high-risk. If you develop a condition such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, or preeclampsia while pregnant, your pregnancy may also require extra monitoring to ensure you and the baby are healthy.

What should I expect during a prenatal visit?

At your first visit, the doctors at Oak Hills Women’s Center, P.A. go over your complete medical history, conduct a pelvic exam, check your weight and blood pressure, perform blood and urine tests, and calculate your due date.

During future visits, your doctors continue to monitor your vitals — including blood pressure and weight. You can also expect regular discussion about prenatal vitamins and nutrition, exercise recommendations, and use of medications and safe lifestyle practices.

Oak Hills Women’s Center, P.A. also monitors your baby’s development with regular ultrasounds. They may also conduct blood tests and other screenings to evaluate the progression of your pregnancy and determine if you’re at risk of any complications.

Take advantage of the expert, professional, and compassionate prenatal services at Oak Hills Women’s Center, P.A. Call the office or book an appointment online.