Annual Women’s Health Exams

Annual Women's Health Exams in San Antonio, TX.

An annual women’s exam is an important part of your overall health maintenance. At Oak Hills Women’s Center, P.A. in San Antonio, Texas, the team of expert OB/GYNs offers annual exams to help you live a happier, healthier life. To schedule your annual exam, call the office at (210) 692-3636.

What is an annual exam?

An annual exam checks the health of your reproductive organs and your general health. It usually involves a Pap smear and breast exam. You may call it a routine check-up, well-woman exam, annual Pap, or preventive visit.

When should a woman have her first annual exam?

At Oak Hills Women’s Center, P.A., the doctors recommend women who are sexually active come in for a yearly visit. Women of all ages are welcome at Oak Hills Women’s Center, P.A.

Girls who are not sexually active usually come in around the ages of 13-15 just to meet with the doctors and start to build a relationship, but probably won’t undergo a pelvic exam unless symptoms suggest they need one. At age 21, women undergo their first Pap smear.

What can I expect during an annual exam?

During your annual exam, the staff at Oak Hills Women’s Center, P.A. records your vital signs, specifically your temperature, weight, and blood pressure. They also perform a pelvic exam and breast exam. They spend much of the appointment discussing your family medical history, sexual history, menstrual cycle, and birth control options.

What tests are administered during an annual exam?

  • Pap smear with and without STD screening,
  • Mammograms,
  • Bone density studies (DEXA)
  • Routine bloodwork.

To schedule your annual exam, call Oak Hills Women’s Center, P.A.

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